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PRIVATE Online Earring-Making Workshops

PRIVATE Online Earring-Making Workshops

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PRIVATE Online Earring-Making Workshops

I am now holding PRIVATE ONLINE earring-making workshops with a minimum of 6 people from £35 per person.

PRIVATE online workshops are perfect for a get together with friends, hen dos and baby showers. I can also do PRIVATE IN PERSON workshops if you are fairly local.

This listings is to gain a FREE quote for your desired workshop. You can choose between a stud, hook or hoop earring-making workshop. Each person can do a different one between a stud, hook or hoop workshop because it is just the finishing that will be slightly different so it won't take too much longer to be able to go through each of the different finishing with you in the workshop. Please allow up to 2 hours for your PRIVATE ONLINE earring-making workshop.

Please select if you are interested in the LEOPARD PRINT, OMBRE or MARBLE pattern workshop. This option will need to be the same for everyone.

Each participant will get the opportunity to select their own 3 clay colours to work with in the workshop.

Please note you can select sterling silver backings for any participants with super sensitive ears however, our standard backings are made from surgical steel which are NICKEL FREE & HYPOALLERGENIC. This can be discussed when I get back to you with a quote. 

Please allow 2 working days for me to get back to you with your FREE quote. This will be send via email to the email address used at the checkout.

What you will gain out of the earring-making workshops:

- A minimum of 4 pairs of finished earrings (Lots of people make up to 10 pairs).

- All the tools you will need if you ever wanted to make earrings again (you would just need to buy the materials as the tools are the expensive things)

- Skills that will last you a lifetime if you wish you make yourself a pair of earrings again.

- Access to the LIVE recording of the workshop which you can watch time and time again.

- A chance to ask me as many burning questions all about earrings during your LIVE ONLINE workshop!

How the online earring-making workshops will work:

Firstly, tell me your desired date and time for your workshop. Secondly, select either a LEOPARD PRINT, OMBRE or MARBLE making workshop session. Lastly, tell me your total number of participants.

Please note all workshops are LIVE with myself ONLINE and therefore, will be conducted via ZOOM in the comfort of your own home/preferred location. If you do not wish to have your camera on, you do not have to, so please don't worry.

You do not need a computer to be able to participate in the PRIVATE workshops as you can also access ZOOM from the app via your phone. The link to your ZOOM workshop will be sent via email so please make sure to check your inbox before the event date and time to make sure you are prepared. The link will be sent to the email address you have provided at the checkout. You can all participate via the same screen or via different screens, this is totally up to you.

With your earring making workshop, you will receive your workshop kits prepared by myself with everything you will need to be able to complete your private earring-making workshop. All you will need is a flat surface to work on, a small bowl of water, a couple of sheets of kitchen roll and a working oven (If you are participating in the workshop from a location where there is no oven, please make sure you can take your tile with your earring makes home safely without damaging them, ready to bake).

What you will gain out of the earring-making workshops:

- 1 ceramic tile to work on

- 1 acrylic roller

- 1 piece of paper

- 1 piece of sandpaper

- 1 small jar of varnish

- 1 paint brush to apply the varnish

- Enough clay to make 1 small slab to cut out at least 3 pairs of earrings (Some people are cutting out up to 10 pairs)

- 2 different cutter shapes of your choice

- 1 already made pair of earrings by myself for you to finish, varnish and set your backs on (this will be selected at random from the website)

- 4 pairs of earring posts and butterfly backs ready to attach to your 4 pairs of earrings in your kit.

- 1 small glue to attach your earring posts and backs

- FREE POSTAGE on all earring workshop kits.

- Please note, if you are selecting the MARBLE workshop then you will also receive 1 plastic tool to help with the making process.

All workshop kits will dispatch 2 weeks before your earring-making workshop date and time.

Please see the cutter choices and the sizes below. Each participant can choose up to 2 cutters each which will be discussed via email at a later date if you do decide to proceed with the private workshop.

- Mini Star - 1cm

- Mini Heart - 0.8cm

- Small Heart - 1.2cm

- Medium Lightning Bolt - 2.5cm


 If you have any other questions about the PRIVATE online earring-making workshops, then please email me at


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