Collection: Stella & Wolf X Sapphire Frills Collaboration

Stella & Wolf X Sapphire Frills Collaboration

Me and Carla from Stella and Wolf have teamed up for an UNFORGETTABLE LIMITED EDITION earring launch! Where Leopard meets Dalmatian and acrylic meets polymer clay.

We have designed 6 statement danglesĀ which showcases the very best from each of our brands! The other 4 designs were cut out as leftovers from my polymer clay slabs. As you all know, I don't like waste!

I have also added two gorgeous resin hoops to the launch which aren't part of our collaboration however, are designs that I've beenĀ receiving a lot of requests forĀ so ENJOY!

All of these earrings have been made inĀ LIMITED quantities with as little as 5Ā per design. This is a one time, limited edition range which makes this launch super special however, once these earrings are gone, THEY ARE GONE!