Custom Orders

Statement Earrings
Have your own design idea? Pop me a message for a custom order slot!
Custom orders give you the freedom to design your very own pair of Sapphire Frills earrings. The only restriction you will have is the shape selection from my cutter range, however, I do have the majority of shapes to select from. Most designs that are a similar style to my existing creations will cost only £4 more than the standard price. This extra cost is for the make of one pair of earrings on their own which takes longer than making earrings in a batch (which is how I usually operate). In some cases, complex designs can cost more but it is dependent on the time it takes to make the earrings. Contact me directly for a FREE quote on your design idea.
Please note, I do not expect you to go through with your order, the quotation is completely FREE of charge and does not require you to make a purchase. Work on your custom pair of earrings will start once payment has been received and usually takes around 2 weeks to dispatch.
If you are interested in a custom order then please get in contact with me via either Instagram @SAPPHIREFRILLS or pop an email to and I will be more than happy to help you on your journey! S x